October 26, 2022

Sparkblox Artist-in-residence: Orkhan Mammodov

Sparkblox Artist-in-residence: Orkhan Mammodov

Sparkblox is proud to announce its collaboration with ORKHAN (Orkhan Mammadov), a new media artist deeply enmeshed in the NFT space who will bring his longstanding interest in cultural patterns and digital storytelling to the forefront of crypto-art. Our partnership with ORKHAN will begin with a collection of data visualization NFTs drawing on information from major cryptoart projects and communities. The collection will offer a meta-commentary on narratives of identity, migration, and competition across this exciting frontier, as a flagship demonstration of Sparkblox’s innovative smart contract technology and a showcase for ORKHAN’s creative vision.

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Orkhan Mammadov (b. 1990, Ganja) is a media artist from Azerbaijan who has also emerged on the international scene since representing his home country in the Venice Biennale in 2019. ORKHAN coalesces representations of Middle Eastern heritage, popular digital aesthetics, references to Surrealism, and documentary conventions in his AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning) based installations and blockchain displays. Working in series form, ORKHAN has developed a symbolic lexicon reflecting on the complex relationships between nature and society, and science and human interaction. The artist’s Repetition works (2018-present) comprise AI-generated imagery exploring cultural displacement through an interplay between real and virtual worlds, utopia and dystopia, and the body and technology—themes recurrent across the artist’s work.

ORKHAN posits that in a computer era, data serves as a crucial means of cultural communication. For the artist, data can be processed algorithmically to generate new artistic meanings, as he has explored using traditional Azerbaijani decorative rugs, translating their ornamental motifs into novel digital compositions in his recent collection Singularity in Heritage (2022), also displayed in Dubai.

Orkhan Mammadov, Singularity in Heritage, Still from Carpet Edition, 2022.

Projects like Caesium Standard (2021) have focused specifically on the culture of the blockchain and the implications of its visual protocols. In his collection for Sparkblox, ORKHAN will examine the cultural tendencies of the broader blockchain community, engaging with motile data from 100 notable NFT projects as “living” artifacts unto themselves.

ORKHAN’s works have been exhibited at a number of international biennales and triennials, including Moscow International Contemporary Art Biennale in Moscow, Russia (2019), Venice Biennale de Arte in Venice, Italy (2019), Nasimi Festival in Baku, Azerbaijan (2018), Gamma Festival in St. Petersburg, Russia (2018), IF Istanbul International Film Festival in Istanbul, Turkey (2017), ACCU Festival in Prague, Czech Republic (2017), Dave Festival in Dresden, Germany (2017). He is currently based in New York while exhibiting globally in a post-pandemic world.