"In every piece of REGENERATE, there lies a unique heartbeat of the market,
captured and immortalized at its moment of creation."

-Orkhan Mammadov, artist
A collaboration between:
Orkhan mammadov
REGENERATE holders will receive beta access to Sparkblox, granting them the ability to
launch NFT collections for free on Ethereum or Polygon in literally minutes.
50% of the profit from NFT sales will go toward open sourcing the Sparkblox platform and the REGENERATE project code. 50% will go toward the artist, Orkhan, supporting his continued innovation in web3 ai and generative art.

Utilizing Opensea, we pull live data from the top NFT collections and integrate that data into your NFT in real-time. 9 distinct designs, unlimited variations. Interactive, generative, next generation NFT art, explore the aestheticization of market movement.

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Interactive, Dynamic, Live-Updating
Which data do we use to visualize NFTs?
REGENERATE is a data-driven NFT collection that represents the relationship between the most popular NFT collections of the current moment and modern digital art.
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Each collection lives on one of the following Blockchains:
Ethereum, Solana, Polygon or Klaytn.
Historial Timeframes
Most of our data values like token prices change over time. This data is then updated in real time.
Collection owners
Utilizing unique ownership, the AI combines token amounts, trends and ongoing trades to craft the visualizations.
Block/ETH information
Blocks authenticate the collections tokens like their age, miner payouts, gas used, etc.
Gas Estimate
The gas price communicates the microstate of the blockchain economy at any time.
Contract Data
Contract age, size, complexity, and licensing expands upon the robust philosophy of the collection.
Owner Transactions
The collection explores the relationships and transaction history amongst unique owners.
Owner Transfers
By extrapolating the complex movement of tokens between accounts, REGENERATE includes specific information about each transfer like gas and age.
When you mint an NFT our deterministic generative script will match THE data end pointS with one of The top 100 nft collection and visualize it for you
Artifact is a data-driven NFT art collection that represents the relationship between the most popular NFT collections and generates modern digital art forms from it.
Humanizing data by immortalizing concepts through generative art on the blockchain
frequently asked questions
Artifact is a data-driven NFT art collection that represents the relationship between the most popular NFT collections.
Untitled Token is a collection of 8,888 dynamic NFTs that evolve with every transaction. More than that, Untitled Token is an experiment into ownership, sharing, art, and decentralization. Untitled Token was started by computer scientists, creative technologists, artists, and graphic designers (aka NERDS!). Every Untitled Token NFT is created with your unique wallet data and a PRNG-based algorithm. Learn more about Untitled Token by joining our community.
Will I be a co-creator of my NFT?
Every Untitled Token NFT is a collective and collaborative process. Every mint (or transaction) will use your unique wallet id and data. So YES! You will be co-creator, owner, and have full commercial rights to your NFT. (Including being able to name it whatever you want for a small fee.)
How does ARTIFACT work?
Our algorithm takes into account your crypto wallet ID, the block number and time stamp of your transaction, wallet balance and dynamics, and much more! This means that every Untitled Token NFT is fully unique and dynamic to its owner.
Will my NFT change over time?
Yes. Some of the Untitled Token NFTs come with special features like wallet balance dynamics. For example, if your ETH balance changes, it will affect your NFT. Plus, there are up to 5 dynamic features for each NFT (Drag & Drop, Rotate, Color Invert, Wireframe, and Shuffle.)