Save up to 90% on custom development

Avoid having to interview, hire, and manage a full NTF dev team. If you want to leverage any unique NFT behavior or properties, NFT launches often require at least 2-3 dedicated developers.

All in One
Deliver an integrated NFT buying experience

Easily embed a thoroughly tested and optimized NFT purchasing flow, on your website. The style and feel of the minting process will fully match that of your brand.

Now to
Offer future-proof NFTs to your fans today

Spark NFTs can be updated as new protocols and standards emerge. Launch your campaign now and easily update or upgrade your NFTs later.

Our Mission

Our mission is to onboard millions to access the radical creative and sovereign potential of blockchain technologies by making the full power of Web3 as simple to use as Web2 with tools that enable anyone to create dynamic NFT experiences.

Our Vision

A world where media and content creation mechanisms don’t exist solely to extract value and attention, and instead are accessible to people to create meaningful, innovative, and beautiful experiences with emerging technologies.

We will provide the spark that launches a million unique NFT Innovations

Meet the Sparkblox Team

Seasoned NFT Experts

John Thomas Connor
Cofounder + CEO
Marcin Dabrowski
Chief Operations Officer
Miriam Kuhlmann
Creative Director
Ron Sheridan
Business Development
Robert Farrell
NFT Strategist
Linus Josefsson
Community Engagement Volunteer
Jake Edgar
Lead Developer
Chase Stokes
3D Developer

We're backed by incredible investors

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Our Values

Here's what we care about above all else.

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Take the challenge.


Tools that delight.


Freedom to create.


Light the Spark to innovate.


Let's build together


Thrive through anything.


Clarity and precision.